Video Stills

Listen, I get it. You don't have all day. So I won't force every last video upon you. Instead, here's an abbreviated selection of stills for you to peruse.

This portfolio changes often to accomodate the many creative video projects I've got cooking, so check back and when you've got more time or watch some of the FULL VIDEOS HERE.
SC1 SC6 SC5 SC4 SC3 SC2 FG1 FG2 FG3   11565556843 11565528033 11565522588 11565531171 11565525470 FINALGIRL2 FINALGIRL3 IMG_7691 FINALGIRL5 FINALGIRL6 HL1 HL2 HL3 26848167220 26848121418 26848105475 26848209837 26848143794   QL1 QL2 QL3