George's Handmade Boots

I first learned about George through Andrew Plotsky, founder of Farmrun, who excitedly told me about meeting George at an auction and ordering a pair of his handmade boots. He described George amorously as a quick-witted old-timer who had been making boots for 40 years. But not just boots -- a variety of custom leather boots finely crafted to fit your feet perfectly -- down to every bump, callus, weird toe -- you name it. Andrew has worn his boots everyday since they arrived by mail from Pendleton, OR where George keeps his small factory. Furthermore, Andrew said George was looking to sell his boot business but was having no luck finding a young person interested in learning the art.

Together, with the help of photographer Neil DaCosta, Andrew and I crafted a plan to document George's Handmade Boots in hopes of helping him find the next generation boot-maker -- someone looking to apprentice George, learn the craft, and ultimately buy the endless tools, equipment, patterns, and knowledge that George has acquired over the last 40 years.
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