Brand Work + E-commerce

I've been lucky enough to work with some very fine brands in my day. Sometimes it's in-house on the brand-side, crafting brand directives, setting visual standards, or concepting photo shoots. Other times it's with an agency, dedicating myself to one (or more) campaigns at a time. I like to think of brand work as an exercise empathy and a study of human behavior. No seriously, I'm pretty into it. I'm fascinated by how imagery and design effect us.

The way we shop has dramatically changed over the past decade. For a brand to remain viable, communicating a clear image of their product and the identity of the company who makes it is key. As a photographic art director, this means understanding the product and conveying its precise nature to the consumer. And in the interest of my clients this means doing so with efficiency, tact, and consistency, delivering images that are right for them. From outdoor goods, to apparel, to cosmetics -- any brand keen to develop an original identity is a brand I'm stoked to work with.

Hit me up to see select brand work or view my list of clients here.
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